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Success Godis Money

1005 W 7th Street 33rd Floor Los Angeles CA 90017

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Success Godis Money

1005 W 7th Street 33rd Floor Los Angeles CA 90017

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Success Godis Money is a creative and passionate entrepreneur. Success started her career in the mortgage and real estate industry in 2005. Success has had a very active role in establishing and serving on numerous boards throughout her career including; The Black Chamber ofCommerce, NAREB National Association of Real Estate Brokers at the city, state and national level.


Success is Co-Founder of F.A.M.M Feeding A Million Mouths, which was established to provide healthy gourmet plant based food with convenient access to prepared meals, healthy weight plans and cooking classes. Success host delicious Lunch & Learns and Prosperity Dinners providing group consultations and educational workshops.


Success is the Founder of House of Success a Non-Profit organization established to assist entrepreneurs, artist and creatives with creating, building and expanding their business, product or service. Through various professional services, workshops, events and media exposure. CEO of Success Money LLC, Success and her associates provide professional consulting and coaching in business, credit, funding, real estate, taxes and advertising.


Success has a passion for teaching others financial literacy and how to have more success in their life. She is an advocate for home ownership and starting a business being a vital instrument in building wealth. Success has investing groups and buyers and seller clubs to assist clients with accomplishing their dreams of home-ownership.


Success is a certified Financial Education Specialist, she coaches and consults her clients on improving their personal and business credit scores, how to understand and manage their financial world and how to achieve their desired financial status. She teaches financial literacy to the youth, churches and organizations worldwide. Find out more about Success financial literacy by attending our next Financially Lit Event or tune in to her show Success Stories.

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